Another successful meeting was held by the Green campus initiative AAUA chapter on 29th sept 2018. The summary of the meeting is as follows 

1. Opening prayer by Ambassador Seun.

2. Preamble of our constitution was read out by Ambassador Kehinde.

3. Greetings & recap of our last meeting.

4. We talked on environmental issues within and outside AAUA, which are

- Improper recycling of materials raised by Ambassador Seun

- Dumping of dirts around the campus community raised by Ambassador Olamiposi.

 - Lack of proper waste disposal systems raised by Ambassador Tomiwa.

5. And we said if GCI (Green Campus Initiative) AAUA could provide waste bins the issues can be solved.

6. The Executive organs for GCI AAUA were inducted  and Ambassador Fash led the executives in the oath of office.

7. The names will be updated.

8. Our due for this semester remains #500 which can be paid twice or as you dim fit 

9. New members introduced themselves and also members that are just joining us this semester 

10. All ambassadors took the Green pledge 

13. Closing prayer by Ambassador Tomiloba

14. Our next meeting is on 13th Oct 2018 by God grace 



The Green campus initiative meeting; AAUA chapter on 15th Sept 2018.

The summary of the meeting is as follows 

1. Opening prayer by Ambassador Titilope

2. Greetings & recap on last semester 

3. We indulged ourselves to carry out researches that are sustainable.

5. We reviewed the concept of sustainable development by watching a video prepared by Ambassador Tomiwa.

6. We watched a research carried out by the Green Institute called WHOLE GREEN FARM

7. Ambassador Ayomide blessed the meeting with what we know as item 7

8. We agreed on Greening a campus community this semester. 

9. We agreed to pay dues this semester for an effective sum of #500

10. We also suggested to get a T-Shirt as a symbol of recognition. 

11. Our New members introduced themselves.

12. All ambassadors boldly with a smile took the Green pledge.

13. Closing prayer by ambassador Abiola.